Bringing butchering back to the basics.

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Enviromental needs.
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My Hen's know their place, and for now its not on anyone's table.

The butchering of our own animals is so far removed, it now leaves a strange gap in humanity.

Butchering animals has made me more sensitive, more aware.

” A squirrel’s body is a magnificent machine. Peeled, it resembles an outstretched frog, the muscle strong and sinewy, and deep purpley-red. My mother, once recalling a relative who used to make squirrel stew, shivers at the idea of skinned squirrels – they look to her like human foetuses. There was something human-like about the carcass that I had tucked into the Ziploc bag, but the muscles were too developed to make me think of anything infantile or foetal.”


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